Our Team

Together we get the job done!

Meet the hardworking, fun loving, and passionate team of staff who help make it all happen at Winkler Bible Camp! 

married couple wearing formal clothes and smiling

Dale & Candace Wiebe

Executive Directors

Dale and Candace have been the Executive Directors at Winkler Bible Camp since 2005. Dale spends most of his work hours connecting with donors who care for and support this ministry. Candace heads up all of our camp events that we put on throughout the year. She spends countless hours making sure plans come together to create an enjoyable time for all of our guests. Dale and Candace are very passionate about serving at Winkler Bible Camp and are excited for what God is doing here.

To contact either Dale or Candace directly, email them at dale@winklerbiblecamp.com or candace@winklerbiblecamp.com

man wearing glasses and a grey shirt

Steve Klassen

Assistant Executive Director


women wearing cardigan and floral shirt

Terri Zacharias

Office Administrator


man with short beard smiling and wearing pink shirt

Kellin Friesen

Summer Experience Director


women smiling and wearing a white sweater

Leora Hamm



Tami Friesen

Guest Group Administrator


Rianna Unger

Marketing Lead


Josiah Finke

Maintenance Team & LDP Leader

women smiling and wearing a beanie and green shirt

Taniesha Klassen

Barn Manager



Annette Neufeld

Barn Assistant

McKenna Barkman

Summer Experience Assistant

Adria Toews

Site Manager

Collen Giesbrecht

Kitchen Manager

Olya Palatchenko


David Schaeffer


Jenny Franz


man smiling with wearing a camp shirt

George Unger

Maintenance Team

man with beard, glasses and beanie

Nathan Braun

Maintenance Team

staff with glasses and green shirt

Rhys Inglis

Maintenance Team

man smiling and wearing a green shirt

Sean Inglis

Maintenance Team

Walter Dueck

Maintenance Team

man with glasses and grey shirt

Colin Penner

Site Team & Graphic Artist


April Talbot

Seasonal Team


Tava Neufeld

Seasonal Team

Aliya Toews

Seasonal Team

Elizabeth Woelke

Seasonal Team

Manny Ochoche

Seasonal Team

Crispin Wiebe

Seasonal Team